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Mission Statement 

The Calhoun County Museum and Cultural Center collects, preserves, researches, exhibits, and interprets the scope of Calhoun County’s history genealogy, art, and culture while also providing multidisciplinary community oriented arts programming, artistic exhibits, and focused educational outreach to serve the diverse heritage and cultural interests of Calhoun County, South Carolina. In seeking to fulfill the above mission, the Museum provides unique educational, recreational, and participatory opportunities for citizen and visitor enrichment and enjoyment. The Museum and Cultural Center seeks to increase public awareness of the importance of the County’s common heritage through active preservation and interpretation. The Museum and Cultural Center works as a community art agency by offering diverse cultural programming, exhibits, and learning opportunities. The staff seeks to foster greater community arts appreciation and visitor enrichment through a variety of cultural offerings. The Museum and Cultural Center has embraced two general long term goals in keeping with the mission statement: “To encourage, nurture, support, and implement as an integral part of learning for all citizens of Calhoun County and visitors throughout South Carolina, as well as visitors from all over the world.” “To provide multidisciplinary arts and history programs and support services for Calhoun County which serves to stimulate community and cultural and economic growth.”

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Calhoun County Museum & Cultural Center